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Online Video Counseling for Women in Atlanta and All of Georgia.

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Hi! I'm Sara Anderson and I help women find the confidence to achieve their dreams.

If you're like most of the women I work with, you know a little something about anxiety.

You probably know what it's like when your body suddenly tenses, your stomach churns, your heart starts racing, and you're short of breath. Your mind completely floods and it's hard to think.

Worry dominates most of your thoughts. The idea that something could go wrong looms over you.

Living with anxiety is so much harder than anyone around you really understands.

It impacts every aspect of your life. No matter what’ve you’ve tried to do to get over it, anxiety just sticks around.

That’s why you’re here today. You’re ready to transform your life.


  • silencing your inner critic;
  • overcoming anxiety so you can crush your goals;
  • creating the focus needed to tackle your dreams;
  • feeling completely confident, calm, and fearless standing up and taking risks.

Now imagine you can do all of this without
having to travel to the local therapist’s office?

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Because I don’t believe that going to therapy ought to be one more item on your overly-scheduled to-do-list.  In fact, I believe it ought to add to your day, not take away from it. 

Online Therapy gives you all the benefit of traditional counseling without any of the hassle.

It’s counseling from the comfort of… wherever!

With counseling online, the same proven therapeutic techniques are used, but instead of being in the same room, we “see” each other through video conference. 

Online Counseling is a powerful option for professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, and high-profile women.

  • Flexible scheduling allows you to get counseling for stress, anxiety, and self-doubt when you really need it, such as between meetings, during lunch, or before work.
  • E-therapy eliminates travel time to and from the therapy office.
  • It’s like local counseling except it’s from your location, wherever that might be: Home, car, office, mountain cabin, beach house, vacation rental….
  • Online counseling is highly confidential because no one will see you coming or going from the counseling office. 


Why struggle another day when counseling can be this convenient?

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